Our company


Our company was founded in 1988 by Nikos Anthopoulos who continues to be one of the main board members. From the beginning our main concern was the production of custom furniture, either with the cooperation of decorators or with designs of ours or even of the customer himself. 

 The ergonomic construction of the furniture consists of materials, mechanisms and components of leading companies, which have our signature in quality and aesthetics. 

 In 2000 we moved to new privately owned facilities, with modern mechanical equipment, which are located at the 17th kilometer of Thessaloniki - Kilkis, in the area of ​​Melissochori. 

 In 2007 our company started the construction of decorative panels as well as sub-constructing for various companies with design proposals from both sides. 

 In 2021 we added new product lines that will give style to your daily habits. Some of our new products are wooden laptop stands, wooden bases for kitchen utensils, wooden placemats, wooden bases for flower pots and wooden cutting boards in unique designs. 

 You can order all our products from our online store with a simple click.

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